Month: August 2010

Photographs: stuff I saw along the shore

Oh laughing man, what have you won?
Don’t tell me what cannot be done.

My little mouth, my winter lungs,
don’t tell me what can’t be done.

Walking in the circle of a flashlight
someone starts to sing, to join in.

Talk of loneliness in quiet voices.
I am shy but you can reach me.

Look for me another time
Give me another day
I feel that I could change

Music: innocence mission – lakes of canada


101, Day 3

July 27: Yachats – Brookings

We left Yachats in the morning, hopeful for a brighter day that would give us that elusive sunset. We received it, and got much more as we continued the drive through Oregon’s west shore.

Waves smash against the rocky shore at Yachats.

Breakfast with a view.

The Oregon coast is dotted with lighthouses, many of which serve as scenic tourist attractions today. A wonderful concept, that beacon of light guiding sailors home from stormy shores.

Looking out into the Pacific Ocean. There were seals surfacing below.

We made a stop in Coo’s Bay, where we visited a well-stocked antique store full of American memorabilia.

Lunch at Shark Bite’s. My brother ordered a fruity Hawaiian beer. The lemon-water served in old glass jars reminded me of Vancouver. I had crab cakes and a warm, satisfying clam chowder.

One of the area’s main attractions is its sand dunes. Here we are exploring it the best way available. Please note that my cousin and brother are stuck in the sand, while I am not. Victory.

The scent of the sunset wafts through the grass.


We were running out of gas and driving down an unlit, windy stretch of road when we finally found a place to stay south of Gold Beach.

Music: goldfrapp – eat yourself


The following images are the first photographs that I took on each trip to India. They mark the beginnings of separate journeys.

2006: A mad cab ride into Kolkata in the middle of the night.

2008: Waking up to a flood in Kolkata.

2010: Sweating in the taxi, which died half way to the hotel in Gauhati, where I was transiting for the night.

The next few days would serve as a reminder to not be surprised by anything here. Anything, and nothing, can happen. And it’s with this knowledge that I ask for patience, understanding, and a whole lot of help from others in the days and weeks to come.

101, Day 2

July 26: Willippa Bay – Cannon Beach Yachats

Driving down the coast is a fascinating journey if only for the dramatic changes in landscape. The hot, sunny blue skies of Washington gave way to the cool coastal draft as we went further south into Oregon. We tried chasing the sunset, but arrived in Yachats to ominous gray skies.

The motel office was vacant last night because the family was in the diner eating. It turns out that we were at Chen’s Motel, not Cheri’s as we had previously thought.

The start of many similarly unhealthy breakfasts.

Not the safest idea.

Crossing the bridge from Washington into Oregon.

Green was an apt color.

Walking through the well-maintained neighbourhoods surrounding Cannon Beach.

The town is full of little gardens and homes finished with tidy wooden shingles.

Daisies along the sidewalk.

Attractive, clean lines and symmetry.

Hard to resist.

Cannon Beach was quite a remarkable landscape: a large stretch of fog, steady waves, soft wind.

I’ll post more pictures from the beach at a later date.

Fresh, open scenery along route 101.

Big, blue skies, which quickly turned into…


We arrived in Yachats to crashing waves on giant rock formations along the shore.

Music: jon mclaughlin and beyonce – smack into you   |   corinne bailey rae – the sea