Month: November 2009

four in the morning

I think four in the morning was made for sleeping. For sound rest. It permits time for the rejuvenation of the body and mind; it gives way for the coordination of the human being with the natural cycle of the sun and moon.

I don’t think the three hour time difference between Toronto and Vancouver justifies me saying good morning to friends as they wake up, before I go to sleep.

I think amidst intellectual chaos and emotional murkiness, I appreciate the warmth of a good, wholesome meal.

I also think that we should hold on. The sleep will come, and everything will be alright.

green curry with pea eggplant and chicken on rice. side of wilted spinach and beet greens, in butter and garlic.

Random #1:

Jesus gave her water,
Oh, let His praises swell.
I tell you He gave that woman water,
He gave her that lovin’, lastin’ water
water, water, water, water, water,
and it was not in the well.

Random #2:

What a great phone call.