Month: May 2010

Not Forgetting to Remember

I thought it would be a good idea to start writing again for three main reasons. First, I renewed my passport the other day, and as I flipped through my now cancelled old passport, I imagined many untold stories hidden behind those stamps and visas. Second, I’ll be traveling again soon, which provides me the content necessary to not make the site title too much of a (literal) misnomer. Third, I’m tired of talking to myself and writing in my head; an appropriate channel for these thoughts might be healthy.

So, back to the passport. In previous discussions with various people on the topic of Singapore and its impermissibility of dual citizenship, I’ve had to consider whether or not I would give up my Canadian citizenship. The answer has typically been a resounding no, but upon further reflection it is the reasoning that is noteworthy. I like the Canadian passport, and the accessibility it grants me. That’s always the first thought that comes to my mind. So, I won’t give up my Canadian citizenship because it allows me to… get out of Canada?

No, that would be oversimplifying the matter. Some of my fondest memories are of moments in Kelowna and Vancouver. I love this country for many reasons, and it would be wise for me not to forget these reasons as I forge through the travels that await me.