101, Day 3

July 27: Yachats – Brookings

We left Yachats in the morning, hopeful for a brighter day that would give us that elusive sunset. We received it, and got much more as we continued the drive through Oregon’s west shore.

Waves smash against the rocky shore at Yachats.

Breakfast with a view.

The Oregon coast is dotted with lighthouses, many of which serve as scenic tourist attractions today. A wonderful concept, that beacon of light guiding sailors home from stormy shores.

Looking out into the Pacific Ocean. There were seals surfacing below.

We made a stop in Coo’s Bay, where we visited a well-stocked antique store full of American memorabilia.

Lunch at Shark Bite’s. My brother ordered a fruity Hawaiian beer. The lemon-water served in old glass jars reminded me of Vancouver. I had crab cakes and a warm, satisfying clam chowder.

One of the area’s main attractions is its sand dunes. Here we are exploring it the best way available. Please note that my cousin and brother are stuck in the sand, while I am not. Victory.

The scent of the sunset wafts through the grass.


We were running out of gas and driving down an unlit, windy stretch of road when we finally found a place to stay south of Gold Beach.

Music: goldfrapp – eat yourself


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