101, Day 2

July 26: Willippa Bay – Cannon Beach Yachats

Driving down the coast is a fascinating journey if only for the dramatic changes in landscape. The hot, sunny blue skies of Washington gave way to the cool coastal draft as we went further south into Oregon. We tried chasing the sunset, but arrived in Yachats to ominous gray skies.

The motel office was vacant last night because the family was in the diner eating. It turns out that we were at Chen’s Motel, not Cheri’s as we had previously thought.

The start of many similarly unhealthy breakfasts.

Not the safest idea.

Crossing the bridge from Washington into Oregon.

Green was an apt color.

Walking through the well-maintained neighbourhoods surrounding Cannon Beach.

The town is full of little gardens and homes finished with tidy wooden shingles.

Daisies along the sidewalk.

Attractive, clean lines and symmetry.

Hard to resist.

Cannon Beach was quite a remarkable landscape: a large stretch of fog, steady waves, soft wind.

I’ll post more pictures from the beach at a later date.

Fresh, open scenery along route 101.

Big, blue skies, which quickly turned into…


We arrived in Yachats to crashing waves on giant rock formations along the shore.

Music: jon mclaughlin and beyonce – smack into you   |   corinne bailey rae – the sea



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