Lemonade + Mint Iced Tea

This lemonade recipe began not from a desire for juicy lemons or sweet iced tea, but from a fresh harvest of sweet, succulent strawberries at the height of the season. For anyone who has ever bought those strawberries on sale from the supermarket, it’s no longer a surprise that the giant imported California variety carries with it a certain tastelessness, and aren’t all that sweet. So, given the luxury of acquiring fresh local strawberries for the month, there are eight pounds of said fruit in the fridge, most of which will be made into jam for the more dour, berry-less months to come. But for now, particularly on this hot, sunny first day of summer, an iced tea lemonade with fragrant strawberries and cooling cucumber makes for the perfect, refreshing beverage.

music: evan awake – after the festival



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