Missions Conference III, Philippines


I’m reminiscing. When can I return to the Philippines?



  1. My dad grew up in Bicol (I don’t even know where that is in the Philippines?) and he would tell me stories of how he literally had to walk barefoot for 3 hours one way to get to school as a kid. I was never really sure I believed that story, but looking at your pictures of Bicol now, 50+ years after my dad was in elementary school, and I can kind of see it being true. I think I would want to check out Cebu some day. But only if I’m staying at a resort with wifi.

    1. I think much of the countryside, that is, outside the immediate Manila area, is quite beautiful. I also think the communality, charm, and amicable atmosphere of Bicol makes a 3 hour walk to school a little bit less of a struggle. I think you should try it!

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