Canning Peaches

Canned peaches have always been special treats in the winter, where prying the lid off of the mason jar opens some sort of capsule of the tastes of summer, sweet, robust, and full. Sure, we’d have to deal with apple after apple and orange after orange, imported from far away places, but there were always canned peaches, amongst ziploc bags full of frozen berries and dried fruits we’d retained from the summer.

We always add pandan leaves, or screwpine leaves, into the canning liquid for its subtle sweetness and fragrance.

Peeling, de-stoning and slicing the peaches. My mom has an old canning book faded from years of use. Iowa State University happens to have an accessible, extensive guideline to canning fruit.

Jars ready. Looking forward to canned peaches with porridge or cereal in the morning, topped off on vanilla ice cream with almond slices, or the peaches just by themselves.

Music: Sam Cooke – Bring it on Home


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