Stone Fruit Tart for a Summer’s Afternoon

With fresh peaches piling up in the kitchen and pitted cherries in the fridge leftover from former pie-making efforts, a stone fruit tart seemed like the perfect dessert to make.

This recipe is so simple and versatile, since any stone fruit – cherry, apricot, plum, peach, and so on – can be used either by itself or in combination. Because we had used up all the apricots for jam, we were left with cherries and peaches.

Almonds are quickly becoming my favorite nut, if only for their multiple applications in such a board range of baked goods. This almond crust is packed with a flavorful crunchiness while remaining light and crisp. A pleasant compliment to the depth of flavor in the fruits.

Powered with sugar after baking, the tart isn’t overly sweet at all.

Floral hints from the fresh hydrangeas in the garden.

I made this tart for a dinner party my parents attended at night. While tempted to pinch a piece off for myself, I had to hope for leftovers. Fortunately, they saved a piece or two for me. Midnight snacks are the best kind.

Recipe adapted from Patricia Wells’ The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris: recipe here.

Music: Innocence Mission – Our Harry



    1. Thanks! I think this recipe works best with hardy fruits like peaches and apricots. Those types of fruits certainly get sparse in the winter months, at least in Canada. Some varieties of pears that last into the winter might work; the pear and almond crust could be a nice combination, although there are probably more appropriate pear tart recipes out there!

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