Strum und Drang

If it’s not already evident from the lack of posts lately, I have left the warm comfort of home for a colder, harsher reality in the city [notably, without internet at home].

Everything shifts here. This city feels schizophrenic, cold, bitter, afraid, and worn. Ambulance sirens replace birdsongs; a brick wall stands in place of the valley, mountains, lake and sky; the quail and deer have retreated to further enclaves, with only the racoons and rats remaining to contest the ravens for scraps.

Dark imagery aside, I am yet again given the task of forging a renewed life here, and must submit. In the meantime, let me get up-to-date with my remaining suburban summer days.


 In the middle of August, after days of incessant sunshine and high temperatures, it rained and hailed and rained some more; so much so that it reminded me of monsoon season in India.

The day began with ideal conditions for drying vegetables to make achar, a type of Indian pickle popular in Singapore.

The rain started to fall slowly against a bright sky.

And gradually grew heavier.

Blanketing the valley.

Damaged hydrangeas at the entrance.

The rain soon died down, and a rainbow appeared (sorry for the poor quality!).

Cooler temperatures by dusk.

Lightning and thunder. Thunder and lightning.

Hot and sunny the next day.

Music: CorneliusDrop



  1. Summer sounds like it’s still a world of extremes. I’ve moved to a new urban environment as well and am also struggling with finding my center again. It seems harder this time than before, maybe due to age or just an overwhelming uncertainty. Seasons come and go. Love the rain photos!

    1. I think the analogy of transplantation is an apt one here. It will certainly take time for the part to adapt to the whole and vice versa. It’s technically my fifth year here (though not really, with the time I spend outside the city) and I still feel displaced. But you’re right; as Lauryn (and the Bible) says, after winter, must come spring.

      I encourage you to go outside with your camera and tripod next time there’s lightning in the area. Just be careful!

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