[audio http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/4/1/2813831/Billie%20Holiday%20-%20Its%20Like%20Reaching%20For%20The%20Moon.mp3]

Mahjong is probably the most Chinese thing we do. That, and drinking tea all day. I love it.


I always remember how my grandmother would refrain from mixing the tiles because her shoulder hurt. Maybe the reserved energy helped her win all the time.

View during the game.

After my time in India, this is the best “Indian” dish I’ve had. My mom’s chicken biryani has a wonderful depth of flavor. Topped with fried shallots (a must for my dad) and served with my mom’s achar, two servings are not enough.

We eat on the balcony at dusk.

Music: Billie Holiday It’s like Reaching for the Moon



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