A Cherry Pie, Three Fires, and Many Meteors

Sweetheart cherries from the farm are perfect for a summer’s cherry pie. The cherries are pitted and mixed with sugar, lemon rind, flour and cornstarch.

A basic pie crust is rolled out and formed into a ceramic pie dish. For a lattice top, cut equal-width strips of pastry. With the horizontal strips places equidistant apart, place one vertical strip in the middle as a guideline. Flip up alternating horizontal strips to insert each vertical strip, alternating with each vertical strip. Finish one side after the other, cutting off excess pastry and crimping down the ends.

Leaf cut-outs are made by cutting basic oval shapes and using the back of the knife to score the veins.

Into the oven at 45-50 minutes at 400C after brushing a glaze (one egg plus 2 tablespoons of heavy cream). Remove from oven when crust is golden brown and juice is bubbling. Serve with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream.

I choose to stay up late tonight to witness the climax of the perseid meteor shower between those brief minutes between moonset and sunrise. Around two in the morning I step outside to see a fire blazing in the city center.

There are three “suspicious” fires that night, and the next morning I learn that a flooring store is completely destroyed.

With the light of the full moon filling the sky, 3:30am looks brighter than ever. Standing on the rocks in the backyard in my pajamas, I see the most luminous moonlight glistening in the lake to my right. As 4am approaches, I see a few meteors flashing in a darkening sky. Nothing short of magical.

Switchfoot – Stars



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