Ogi’s Farm

Ogi’s is a local farm that my parents have been patronizing for years. Owned and operated solely by an elderly Japanese couple, Ogi’s is an all-organic enterprise with no heavy machinery on site and only the freshest produce, including fragrant dill and crunchy Japanese cucumbers.

The store front is a narrow space, with whatever fresh produce available displayed neatly on black trays.

Packing boxes are stacked up high, and flower pots are hung near the entrance.

Behind, a thriving cactus garden boasts some impressive specimens.

Only the friendliest.

And hardest working.

Adjacent to the storefront is Ogi’s Nursery. I will miss this place when I move.

That same day, we take a trip to the park, next to the tennis courts where we used to play each year, even in the waning winter months when frost would cover the ground. We fry the popiah from yesterday and pack them with some fresh vegetables and sauce, along with a flask of cold lemonade.

The park is host to these old willows that provide ample shade.

While there, a family plays with their young golden retriever in the lake. Several people swim, while others suntan.

Back home, I use the basil bought at Ogi’s. The moment I take it out from the bag, the sweet, earthy smell of the basil fills the room. I decide to make seafood pasta with pesto sauce. A simple recipe for the pesto includes pulsing lots of fresh basil with garlic and walnuts while drizzling in olive oil. I don’t have any Parmesan cheese to add. To mix with the pasta, I simmer cream with the pesto sauce, adding sauteed portobello mushrooms, prawns and codfish. Served with baked kale and red peppers.

Thank you Ogi’s…

Vusi Mahlasela – Silang Mabele



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