Baking for the Wedding: Macarons II

The benefit of failure is the opportunity to remedy mistakes. I needed to finish these off quickly, because the wedding was soon and I was getting hungry.

I make two large batches before realizing that I’d rather not draw these 1″ guides. Once you get into the rhythm of piping, I find it much easier and more effective to do it free form, which I did on the silpat below for better results.

Noticing that I still have plenty of matcha in the pantry, I choose to make matcha macarons with strawberry butter cream. This time, I make sure to keep the almond meal mix refrigerated when not in use to prevent an oily outcome. After piped, the shells need to dry on the pan for at least 30 minutes. When you lightly touch the surface and it remains intact, it’s ready for the oven.

The macarons are baked on two equal-sized trays to prevent the bottoms from burning. Also, this time I place a sheet of tinfoil over the tops at the 10 minute mark to prevent the tops from over-browning. Always remember to watch carefully.

I find Hisako’s butter cream recipe to be a bit heavy on the butter. I personally like more fruit, so made the necessary adjustments when pureeing the strawberries.

I am happy with these, and after some fast photography, I pack them into their containers.

Meanwhile, my mom made these great blueberry bars.

With the baking done, it’s finally time to eat. My parents made mee rubus, one of my favorite noodle dishes from home. I remember ordering this every lunch during primary school for 25 cents at the cafeteria.

This one is for the family.

I enjoyed the whole process of doing a bit of baking for an event. Something to think about…

Mark Mothersbaugh – Lindbergh Palace Hotel Suite



  1. stunning images, and love mee rebus! I just had once last tuesday from a Malay stall,
    I am heading there again today:O) Drooling but still a little hesitant to order from them as they are fasting this month..

    I think I want to order you for a month! and taste all different kind of confectioneries every single day~

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