I seem to have been plagued by bad dreams lately, all of which involve my family and one or more of the following: tears, kidnappings, fights, giant ships on roads, guns, murder, concealment, twisted survival games, corporal disfigurement, sweaty aspiring actresses, and always intrigue. This series of night-time concoctions follows the reunion of my family and me after a year apart. Perhaps the fiction fills in the empty spaces where things no longer make much sense.

Well, too many vehicles and 28,020 photographs later, I am back in Canada after what seems to be a concurrently short and long time overseas. It’s so quiet and still here, in the basement of my parents’ house, and yet a year’s worth of activity serves as constant white noise. I don’t feel I possess the mental acuity or emotional togetherness to articulate my current state, much less to give expression to the experiences of the past few months leaving India, transiting with extended family in Thailand and then traveling through China and North Korea. For now, I am tired, and that description should suffice.


MúmSunday Night Just Keeps on Rolling from Yesterday was Dramatic – Today is Okay



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