Dogs, I

W is browsing through the photos on my camera. “Why did you take so many pictures of dogs? They are not even human and you’re taking pictures of them.”

For most of the week, I live with 9 dogs. Since I first came to this place a few years ago, some have been born, some have passed away; others have been poisoned and/or stolen. These are the three adults.


He’s the alpha male. The big German Shepard. The polygamist. He is gentle, greedy, in-your-face, doesn’t like fruit, very tall, kind, attentive, a neglectful father, and, at times, rather stoic.


She’s the school drop-out. The light-colored one. The speaker. The pretty one. She is a little dense, agile, completely lovable, Shadow’s lover, and quick to accept others.


She’s the grump. The mean one. The unfortunately must-have-been-abused-before-and-now-is-scared-for-life mother. Shadow’s former lover. [I get the sense that she wants to be loved, but doesn’t know it. It’s taken quite some time, but I can finally pet her now after some tactful offerings of food.] She is suspicious, cautious, loudly protective, snarly, territorial, assertive, reluctant, and sometimes  despondent.


music: tahiti 80 – yellow butterfly




  1. i like how you give us insights into the personalities of the dogs. good reminder of how each creature, be it four-legged or human, has a history and story to tell.

    i think i would be both terrified and fascinated by (h)appie, partly because she doesn’t seem at all like a simple creature and you can’t just do a dismissive pat on the head and walk on by. she sounds like someone you have to work at loving and knowing. 🙂

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