Earthquake in Myanmar

While in the village last weekend, my mother told me over the phone that there had been an earthquake near the northern Thai-Burmese border. She was alerted about this since my family has partners, friends, and co-workers in that area. This is part of the report she forwarded to me later:

Tremors and aftershocks are still being felt in the eastern Shan State of Myanmar.  About 400 people have died, and hundreds are injured.  Our co-worker has dispatched a team to the affected areas to check the gravity of the situation and also bring some aids to the earthquake victims .  The Myanmar government is not disclosing any detailed information yet nor asking for international aid.

Reports from other news sources (such as AFP, Reuters, CNN, BBC) provide conflicting information concerning the severity of the natural disaster, and I know coverage has been minimal if at all. At any rate, I trust the reports from contacts within the state, and am reminded of the brevity and the eternity of life.

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