The eve of the Supermoon was also the night before Holi, the Hindu spring festival celebrating the end of winter on the full moon, well known for its colors. When I went outside to stare at the glow of the moon, I noticed flashes in the sky. I called H outside to check out the fireworks; he said there weren’t any fireworks. I went to the rooftop and realized that they were extended flashes of lightning. And so I spent my night stationed on the roof with the five puppies and their despondent mother, watching the moon gradually move from one side of the sky to the next, and the lightning illuminating the city and billowing clouds to the sound of thunder, a gusty wind, and pre-Holi tunes.



  1. wow, that last shot is fantastic, it looks as if the sky is opening up .
    i would also like to take pictures with five puppies and a momma dog. they must be great companions 🙂

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