As I watch the horrific news unfolding about the earthquake and tsunamis off the north-east coast of Japan and onto further countries circling the Pacific, it is pitch black here in North-East India, where for the first time in a while rain is pounding down on the rooftop amidst the rumbling sounds of thunder. Perhaps I’ve been re-watching too many Japanese movies of late, but I want to say that no matter where in the world I am, that feeling of being connected through a common humanity has never left me. I may have my personal emotional predicaments concerning sentiments of marginality, but it is in moments of disaster when suddenly created borders are broken down. Similar thoughts came when walking along the west coast of Thailand following the 2004 Bande Aceh earthquake and tsunami, and seeing the devastation months after the event. My prayers are with my friends in Japan, and for the beautiful countries connected to the Pacific.


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