Some people have suggested that I start a twitter account. While I don’t know if this is feasible at the moment, I actually “tweet” all the time… in my head, on my hand, in my notebook, on the computer. [Wait, is this tweeting? I don’t really know how all this works.]

This was today:

8:20am – Alarm. It’s cold; don’t want to get out of bed. But have to make pie.

10:54am – K steals two slices of my green apples. Luxury apples.

2:10pm – I see the forested hills beyond the valley. The billowing smoke reminds me of forest fires in Kelowna. Two boys are smoking.

2:40pm – Crying in the graveyard.

5:16pm – Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror dressed in my white shirt, black sweater, and black fleece jacket combo and I think to myself, I look like a Mormon.

8:18pm – World needs more hugs.

1:00am – It’s storming outside, and I’ve forgotten that this is one of the rainiest places in the world.

2:00am – Excited to make popovers tomorrow morning. Must sleep early.


music: stevie wonder – conversation peace



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