Midnight Craving, I

While I’m not that big of a meat-eater, it isn’t surprising that I often desire to bite into a moist slab of ground beef sandwiched between two tender buns… fatty juices erupting from the corners of my mouth. While the hill area isn’t a particularly Hindu region, those running more Westernized restaurants that serve such items as “pizza” or “milkshake” tend to be run by Indian people from the plains. In short, this means no 100% beef burger. I didn’t buy that 89 baht burger in Bangkok pictured above (we walked by that advertisement straight to the ramen) but I did stock up during my visits to Mos Burger. Either would be good right now, plus fries, chicken nuggets, and ice cream.



  1. Ha~! Funny you posted that — I was THIS close to breaking down and buying a “Sirloin Burger” from A&W just the other day. While being vegetarian is great for the wallet, sustainability, and my health, there really is nothing quite like a big ass beef patty between two buns with a side of onion rings.

    I didn’t end up buying the burger though. I just bought another cup of coffee instead. It was my fifth that day.

    1. Good for you, for holding onto your convictions. Discipline is a great attribute to practice when it comes to food. Not so important in my case I suppose if the choice (temptation) isn’t there.

      But you’re right… I forgot about the onion rings!

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