On Edification

[Going through one of my four notebooks, it becomes clear to me that my note-taking habits are rather… deplorable. I randomly switch from one to the other and scribble tweet-like remarks here and there, in no particular order or category. It’s like reading a collection of stream-of-consciousness writing that’s just gone through a wind turbine. Regardless, I’ll start posting some of those notes, starting with the following.]

During a sermon, I day dream of a house built on solid ground. I have ideas but I don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to see this through. But I have friends, I think.

We all know people in different fields, and as we continue to progress in our respective careers, we start to more fully realize the potential to be brilliant at what we do. It feels like a revelation to me. I feel like I need to write each of my friends to proclaim this good news. Do you know your worth? Your potential for greatness?

Cue Donald Lawrence and the Tri-City Singers’ Encourage Yourself.



Music: fred hammond – all things are working


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