To Be Alone with Someone Else is Beautiful

I’m re-watching Julie and Julia, and as much as I dislike the character of food-blogger Julie, I am compelled to recognize that she did something, and she did it very well. She was committed to posting every day, determined to accomplish her goals, and seemed to have  a strong sense from the start that this endeavour was something worthwhile; that cooking, and writing online had value in and of themselves, regardless of the uncertainties of, say, whether anyone would read or care. (I think so, based on what I want to believe from the movie.) Are you even reading this? Whoever you are…

I ask myself the same question sometimes. But what I have here is far from a neat, coherent cinematic-bound project; erratic, somewhat disjointed and anti-chronological, this space has been, well, simply an online journal. I want to write because I want my experiences to have happened. I don’t even comment much on anthropology and hardly speak about my fieldwork because I want to leave the bulk of that (confidential) data and analysis for my thesis.

And so, Virginia Wolff, I fear the lack of direction, obscurity, mediocrity.

I must say, however, that I am so appreciative of the people that take interest in what I have to present, and choose to click on this virtual space amongst the eighty-eight trillion other options so readily available. It affirms on some level that our lives should be shared, not cloistered to weakly bloom and quietly wilt beyond the recesses of anyone’s memory.

Of course, the not-so-fictional Julie went on to have her Julia Childs food-blogging project transformed into a book and then adapted into an Oscar-nominated movie starring the (it’s obligatory to say it) incomparable Meryl Streep and marvellous Stanley Tucci, making every (food-)blogger salivate with desire/envy, probably. I think we all have a duty to nurture our craft, to give it shape and progression. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do more of this, even (or especially) during my time here in India. No excuses, really (save the horrible, horrible internet connection here of course).

music:  joy williams – speaking a dead language



  1. Is 88 trillion the actual number of sites on the internet?
    I haven’t watched Julie and Julia yet, but I feel that I should.

    As one of your loyal followers, I appreciate the ongoing dedication to your blog, in spite of the poor internet connection. (Should ‘internet’ be capitalized?)

  2. 88T is my rough estimation, based on nothing. You should watch Julie and Julia; you can fast forward the parts where it’s about Julie. Meryl and Stanley are hilarious in their roles, and so is Jane Lynch. I still play some of those scenes back in my head. Very funny. Makes you smile.

    Thank you for visiting. Internet, internet. ?.

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