The other night, while finishing off my apple pie and waiting for my pomegranate chocolate tortes to cool, my friend rushes into the kitchen. “Did you feel something just now?” We, along with the guests who had come for high tea and were waiting for dinner, quickly moved outside. We saw the house shake, water drip from the water tank on the roof, and the little white flowers on the latticework tremor as the ground shook beneath our feet. I thought of Carole King singing, “I feel the earth move, under my feet” and of the special concert she did with James Taylor for PBS that my parents and I watched over a year ago now.

I woke up the next morning to find the particulars of the earthquake detailed in the news: a 6.4-quake – the biggest in a decade, in a region full of seismic activity – with its epicenter in Manipur, lasting around 20 seconds.

I put the newspapers away and went outside to spend time with the dogs in the morning light. This must have been the warmest day of the week.



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