Good Morning, Shillong

So why anthropology? And why did you choose India? I hesitate to dwell on these questions myself, and attempting to address them might require a drawn-out conversation over a warm hojicha tea… with a delicious Japanese cheesecake… with fresh summer berries.

Suffice it to say, I am in India to conduct my doctoral dissertation fieldwork for around a year, and will be working in and around the state of Meghalaya, in Northeast India. I’m also interested in traveling to surrounding areas and doing a few photo projects while I’m here. While I can’t comment directly on fieldwork information, I’ll make sure to check in here for other personal updates and general postings of my (mis)adventures.

[The image is of Police Bazaar, a central market area in Shillong, Meghalaya. Popularly known as PB, it serves as the commercial hub of the capital city, with various hotels, shops, banks, and restaurants. In the middle of the image is Hotel Centre Point; to its right is a pedestrian-only (a loose restrictive term) road that, like every other road in the area is often congested. In addition to the small stores lining the road are street vendors who have laid out their vegetables and fruits, or pirated dvds of Korean dramas or popular Bollywood hits. This picture was taken from the parking lot of the legislative assembly building, elevated above the round-a-bout. In close proximity is the main bus stand, as well as the Presbyterian Church.]


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