101, Day 9

August 2: Olympia, WA – Vancouver, BC

Today we return to Canada; today we go home. A few stops for errands in Tacoma and Renton, and we find ourselves already at the border. It’s been an enjoyable past week, spent with family whose love for one other I don’t have to question. But it’s been odd, like a long transit, as I know I have a day in Vancouver before I fly off again. And so when I’m constantly on the move, it’s important to be grounded in the more permanent aspects of life.

The three of us in Cannon Beach, Oregon, one of my favorite stops. Thank you to the kind grandmother who offered to take our picture.

To America, a nation bountifully blessed, thank you for the hospitality, and thank you for sharing. There is something calmly mesmerizing about your west coast.

To my brother and my cousin, I miss you both.

Music: alicia keys – element of freedom (intro)  |  sarah mclachlan – vox



  1. Thanks for posting the whole trip in photo-form. I was a little confused because I know you’re in India but posting as if you were just travelling through the West Coast. When will we start seeing photos of India?

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