101, Day 8

August 1: Grants Pass, OR – Olympia, WA

We sacrificed the scenery of the 101 for the efficiency of the I-5 and drove in haste today. The city of Portland provided a nice break for dinner and window shopping before hitting the road again upward to Olympia.

We strolled through Nob Hill just as stores were closing.

A Chinese vase in an antique store.

These buggies are everywhere here, and I liked the curves of these chairs.

The city has a small town feel similar to Vancouver.

Another similarity.

And more, as I peep into neighbourhood gardens.

The quiet streets surrounding the quaint commercial area.

A group shot.

Driving into Washington.

The capitol building in Olympia.

All of us felt the least safe in this city, probably because of our motel, which we checked into late at night. The front door bore the markings of two former locks that had been kicked open, the sheets were moist, the Bible had been shredded with profanities scratched across its pages, the towels sported specks of blood, there was a door that led to nowhere,and the owners were straight out of a horror movie. Perhaps this is where American horror flicks get their inspiration. Or maybe there was just a hidden camera in the room. Either way, this would be our last night in the USA.

Music: carrie underwood – temporary home  |  alicia keys – like you’ll never see me again


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