101, Day 7

July 31: Redding, CA – Redwood National Park, CA – Grants Pass, OR

Today we started the journey back to Canada, leaving the heat of Redding and passing through the shaded Redwood forests just south of Oregon. We hiked at Ladybird Johnson Grove, our heads constantly tilted up.

Lunch at self-proclaimed world famous Palm Restaurant in Orick, population 600.

From the Redwood National Forest, we drove on up to Grants Pass, population 31,000. A big town, by comparison. We checked into another inn operated by an Indian family. The main road was closed for the classic car show, where antique muscle cars parade down the street, and the whole town and their grandmothers come out to enjoy the metal glamour and a live concert of generic rock in a roped-off parking lot.

With most of the restaurants closed early in the night, we made our way to G’s Bar and Grill, an oddly matched sushi bar and local beer joint with a live rock/country band and a clientele more than ready to ‘dance’ the night away. We walked in to the band’s rendition of Play That Funky Music White Boy.

I watched a man in a Harley Davidson jacket and his wife dance the Argentinian tango while sipping on my Sapporo and eating my hamachi.

I feel like I’ve seen enough now, and can go home.

Music: tracy chapman – space between  |  tracy chapman – freedom now



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