101, Day 4

July 28: Brookings, OR – Redding, CA

The quaint, surfer towns along the Oregon coast lend themselves to the carefree, laidback vibe so characteristic of the West Coast. This was perhaps best encapsulated in a brief exchange at a cafe bearing Buddhist prayer flags in Trinidad Bay.

Californian visitor: Do you know how to get to the mountain?

Waitress: Just go.

Californian visitor: How long does it take to get up to the mountain?

Waitress: Just go. You’re on vacation. You have to live in the now. Just go.

The cafe stands out with its freshly painted sunny, orange exterior.

A well manicured lawn amidst houses of the white-picket-fence variety gives me much satisfaction.

We drove through the Redwoods in a hurry, with the promise to return on the way back up. The crisp, cool air of Oregon turned into scorching, dry heat as left the coast on the winding and hilly highway to Redding.

A flock’s formation against the gloomy morning sky.

Getting into the heart of America.

The dramatic change in landscape, and temperature.

Music: koop – summer sun

Note: I’ve had to upload the pictures at the lowest possible quality since I’m uploading from slow Indian internet. Sorry.


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