101, Day 1

An unintentionally patriotic tart, baked on the 4th of July.

Before I left for Asia, my cousin visited my brother and I to embark on a nine-day road trip down the West Coast. From Vancouver, B.C., down the coastal 101 highway to Northern California, the short family vacation took us through breathtaking landscapes, rural particularities, and Americana at its best (or worse, depending how you look at it). Best of all, it was an opportunity for the three of us – usually separated by at least a few thousand miles each, to spend some quality time together.

July 25: Vancouver – Seattle – Willippa Bay

With only a little over a week, we had to be very selective of the sights we could take in. After a long wait at the US-Canada border, we had a quick Vietnamese meal in Seattle before veering off from the I-5 onto the 101. It was almost 11pm when we found a motel in a foggy town called Willippa Bay.

A walk along the harbour, lined with restaurants and cafes, with the iconic Pike Place in the background.

Lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant, and my like for cyan-colored cars.

This is Willippa Bay.

Music: mimicking birds – under and in rocks


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