Garden Visitations

The small plot of land at the back of the house is starting to take shape. While it can’t compare to the land of our former property, which saw many productive fruit trees, vegetable plots, berry shrubs, strong willows, tall birches, and so forth, the more manageable rocky landscape here is beginning to resemble something close to a garden. Most recently, we welcomed a new addition to the family: the Saskatoon Berry tree.

The tree replaces the stubborn desert plant, which had thick and persistent roots that had spread deep into the ground.

This dead tree has long been a favorite hang out for the birds, most notably the one osprey that likes to perch on the large branch on the left while searching for its prey, or, perhaps, while contemplating its existence in this world.

I sprinkled old lavender seeds along the back; wild lavender is a hardy plant, and fights hard to survive – hopefully we’ll see the results in the following year. I’m thinking: Provence, France.

What better way to end the night than with a satay party on the balcony. Crisp, tender, and delicious with the peanut sauce. The neutral cubes of rice, crunchy cucumbers, and invigorating red onions are the perfect garnishes with the chicken and beef.

Music: Broadway Cast for the Lion King – The Lioness Hunt



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