Vancouver and Wherever

Bureaucratic matters and doctor’s visits have taken me down to Vancouver several times over the past month. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay with welcoming family and friends, but not having a room of my own alters my relation with the city, as though in suspension. Still, not much has changed. Things are where I remember them, and the green culture continues to blossom within itself. I recall why I was excited to leave Vancouver in the first place, and why I missed it so when I left.

First stop, my brother’s (second) graduation.

This song is dedicated to my brother, and to myself, and a nod to one of my favorite movies.

Highlights included culinary excursions to old faithfuls like Kingyo and Miku, as well as trying out Blue Water Cafe, where I had the best dessert of the year (ricotta cheesecake with hazelnut genoise, mocha cream, and lemon compote). I also finally tried out Kintaro and Japadog. Below are images from Miku.

A beautiful selection of sashimi served on a variety of fresh seaweed.

The best dish on the menu – the alburi salmon sushi.

A light, refreshing somen and tempura with various salts.

My beloved, the matcha opera cake.

A walnut chocolate cake with homemade sorbet.

A sincerely enthusiastic waiter.

This was my first time back in the city after the Winter Olympics (I think so; my memory might be failing me here), so visiting the harborfront felt a bit vacant. The cauldrons seemed unintentionally charred, and I didn’t understand the fence around it. I did, however, enjoy the lego whale.

Don’t be fooled by the shorts – it was chilly.

I’d like to ride on a seaplane one day for the full experience of using those headphones and shouting at the pilot, “the view is incredible!” while smiling widely. Or is that on a helicopter?

My favorite photo from the last trip. Free Willy, jumping over the glass railing.

I took this picture as a reminder to myself that I’d like a row of birch trees to line my property; bark as white as snow, leaves as luminescent as fire.

Pixel/Lego. There were many gentlemen smoking cigars and pipes. Maybe it was a cigar-and-pipe conference.Eva Cassidy’s Tall Trees in Georgia comes to mind when I see these images, but I’ll save the song for a more appropriate time.

I’m aware that the heaviness I’ve been feeling isn’t quite present in these images or words, but I want to keep my spirit focused on the positive. I think I need to, to get through each day.

Music: Valeria Andrews And Ryan Toby – Wake Up and Pay Attention (from the Sister Act 2 soundtrack) | Overtone with Yollandi Nortjie – 9,000 Days | Oleta Adams and Brenda Russell – We Will Find a Way


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