Staring into the Sun

Someone once told me that staring directly into the sun damages the eyes. That might have just been Common Sense. For the most part, this warning has gone unheeded. The sky is far too interesting a stage to not follow the whims of the sun; when it flits between clouds, when it becomes the spotlight of a rainbow halo, when it sets a trail of sky on fire, or when it assumes the deepest, orange glow in its final moments of the day.

Some days I think I’m going blind. It hits me at various moments throughout the day, when I can’t see the baseline of the tennis court, when I feel all lost in the supermarket because the aisle signs are blurry. And I wonder why things are the way they are.

I don’t remember much in terms of sage advice from the photography course I took in high school, but I do recall my teacher describing the art of photography as an acute sensitivity to everyday life; to observe the wonder, the emotion, the character, the texture of the mundane, the banal, the taken for granted. To see.

After the dinner mentioned below, we went for a walk at the back of the house.

I can’t imagine life any other way.

Ghana: In unrelated news, I join the others in sympathy for this unfortunate series of events.

Music: lucovido einaudi – cadenza | lucovido einaudi – fly



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