The Greenery

I left Toronto uncertain, in a haste of goodbyes. I bid the traffic of the 401 farewell and welcomed the slower pace of driving along the mountain side toward my parents’ home. The first thing I did after landing at the airport was visit a local nursery to pick up some flowers for the front of the house.

The nursery, located across a vineyard and apple orchards.

Flowers, and more flowers.

My parents want to replicate this hanging flower basket design at the retirement home where they’ve been volunteering.

I was immediately drawn to these bursts of muted yet vibrant yellow daisy variations.

Hard to choose!

The flowers, in their new home.

My father planting a lilac plant, which was given by a family friend, at the back of the house.

My mother baked a delicious cheesecake, of perfect consistency, texture, and taste.

Suffice it to say, it’s nice to be home.

Music: justin nozuka – my heart is yours | justin nozuka – golden train



  1. I do feel at home:O) your family and how you all manage a home and contributing life with others(retirement home), not forgetting to provide the best to own family at home planting beautiful trees and flowers at yard and preparing Beautiful Berries Cheesecake! ….SWEET FaMiLY:O)

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