watching you watching me, cairo

the city is shrouded by a thick haze. i am learning much about Islam. people spray huge clouds of ddt in the open. sniffer dogs are used at the entrance of the intercontinental hotel. i am not staying at the intercontinental hotel. closing my ears and eyes to certain sounds and images have invited a new cacophony of senses. 40 degrees in dry heat is bearable. it’s time to start respecting me, please. i think what i have to say is important. i believe in what i do. i finally bought my brass lamp, and i’m happy with it. i had odd dreams last night after going on a dinner boat cruise on the nile. i want to share my life with people i love. could i spend my life watching people? i have to believe in myself. i do believe in what i do. is that the same? i’m going to luxor tomorrow. the world is vast, but time and time again it becomes more impossible to deny how connected everything is. history is made manifest. everything here is tan colored. i got the donkey noises two nights ago. i met some people from singapore at the university today. i’m not that scared anymore, just tired. look at me. this is the life i have been granted. thank you.


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