watching aljazeera in a cario hotel room

highlight of the trip so far: watching two boys hug their mom at arrivals in the cairo airport in complete jubilation.

lowlight: sitting for three and a half hours in a stationary, non-functional plane at heathrow. and bmi’s airplane food.

quirk: me sitting in between two huge people from toronto to london, and them pointing out that fact to me.

coincidence?: me sitting next to two people from china on the london to cairo flight.

weather: hot. dusty, hazy, and hot.

body: weird bug bite on arm.

desire: to know Arabic. and to be in bangkok.

thinking: I can’t stop thinking about everyone. I miss the people in my life. But then, I guess the point is that we’re never really apart.

music: my endless love (playing in the background), mixed with a british woman getting mad at the embassy, and a cellphone ringtone.

interesting fact: ceres juice is the same price here as in dar es salaam. another similarity: prayers starting at 4:10am in the morning.

also thinking: what am i doing in the middle east? and also, this place doesn’t feel so foreign. i will try to write more after I’ve gotten some sleep, perhaps. i hope everyone is okay back home (home being everywhere around the world).


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