Here when gone

It’s almost midnight. I’m walking through the quiet campus streets, cloaked in the light darkness of a spring evening. The spring blossoms have arrived, pushing out from their pregnant buds. I can only see them in the fluorescent glow of the street lamps, but they are beautiful. The seasons cycle turned again, An april shower now and then, Trees came alive, And the bees left their hive, They came out to see you and the blossom.


It’s 4:51 in the morning. Hold your tongue. There is no safety zone. Neutrality has collapsed. Time goes by from year to year, and no one asks why I am standing here. But I have my answer as I look to the sky. This is the time of no reply. The time of no reply is calling me to stay. There`s no hello and no goodbye, To leave there is no way.


On the hour, at five. Safe in the womb, I have no choice but to live. And I live well. And I am nourished. And I am born, and reborn, and reborn. And in between, I die.


One comment

  1. i relate to your words and i quote

    “i have no choice but to live. and I live well. and I am nourished. and I am born, and reborn, and reborn. and in between, I die.”

    lately, i find that life’s path is very difficult to walk and that all we can do is be brave and go through it.
    but just walking through it isn’t enough, i did that and realized i was like a ghost on campus, just passing through and waiting for the end of the day and waiting for sleep to come.
    so i realize that you have to hope, and hope to be reborn. you have to hope that there is something waiting for you and a place that you have to get to, if not you’re just wandering the land, purposeless and slowly dying.

    so yes, don’t just walk, live. and thank you for all the love you have shared with me to help me to live too.

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