Malaya, si Malaika

Last night we went to Q Bar after having dinner at Jolly’s Club. Prostitution galore. Tennis at Q Bar. Old white men and young black prostitute syndrome. Back before 2am.

Today I received a huge blessing in the form of a man named Luke [thanks Dickson]. We had lunch at Chef’s Pride before walking around Kisutu and buying rice and millet. The power in town was out as usual, so we couldn’t check our internet, which has been the case since Tuesday. We caught a glimpse of a wedding ceremony at the Lutheran Church by Ocean Road. Loud brass players led the wedding congregation out of the church as the next wedding group awaited the use of the church. We then left for Oyster Bay and the Msasaki areas to the north. On the way we saw the State House (Prime Minister’s office), the ex-president’s residence, the president’s residence, and ambassadors’ residences. The scenery has changed dramatically since leaving town for the north. We are ocean side and the air is cooler and the breeze is stronger. Our first stop is the Golden Tulip, a gorgeous and ornate Swahili-style hotel on a cliff by the ocean. The entrance is grand with winding stairs. The reception area opens out into a huge courtyard at the back, which leads to a beautiful pool overlooking the ocean. White people are vacationing here, along with many Indians and a few Chinese. We walk down to the bar, where it’s Mena’s birthday party. These look like ex-pat families. Along the bar are these Swahili beds with peacock designs. Ravens are coasting in the wind and I wish I could take a picture. We see a white man that we had seen at Q Bar. He was the one with the man purse. There’s also a wedding ceremony taking place here at night. Hundreds of chairs are decorated in white and gold ribbons.

We then stop at Sea Cliff, where we meet Luke’s brother and his brother’s wife, their child, and their maid. Sea Cliff has an amazing calmness and quiet that I would assume offers the guests a relaxing sense of isolation. We have a few drinks at the bar, which is on the cliff. It’s chilly and breezy.

We have dinner at Garden Bistro. It’s Indian food. Just like everything in the richer areas, it’s owned and operated by Indians. Dinner is good. We have paneer, butter chicken, aloo paratha, garlic naan, king fish in coconut sauce.

On our ride back we see several embassies including the Canadian consulate.

I am grateful and thankful and so aware of God’s blessings.


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